Why Do Customers Read Online Reviews Before Buying?

Positive online reviews reassure potential customers. They establish a company’s legitimacy. Moreover, they increase business leads and conversions. Positive online reviews also promote business growth. Here are some reasons customers read online reviews before buying from a company. Read on to learn more. Listed below are a few benefits of online reviews:


Positive online reviews reassure potential customers.

Nine out of ten consumers read online reviews before making purchases. These reviews reassure the customer that the product or service is high quality, promoting a brand’s reputation. How can you use online reviews to increase your reputation? Read reviews and respond with a positive attitude!

Always read customer reviews, especially about products and services you sell online. Even if a business has a perfect score, there is no guarantee that it will sell the product. Potential customers may bail if they can’t find information about the product or service online. They may think the business is a new internet scam with minimal impact. Having at least three to five positive reviews on a product or service will reassure potential customers before they purchase.

When a company responds to a negative review, it should try to address the issue. They should let the customer know that the company is aware of the problem and has taken steps to improve its service. An apology also strengthens the relationship with the customer. An overly perfect brand with no genuine apologies makes people wary. Taking time to acknowledge a customer’s experience shows that a company cares about its customers and their needs.

Although a negative review may be unavoidable, it is an opportunity for your customer service skills to shine. Responding to a negative review can help build trust among potential customers. Ignoring it can hurt your reputation and business. So, take the time to respond to every negative online review.


They establish a company’s legitimacy.

Managing online reviews is a daunting task, particularly for small businesses. There are so many sources of reviews, and it can be challenging to keep track of them all. To avoid the hassle of keeping track of them, you can hire a reputation management system that helps you manage them all in one place. Not only can these systems help you maintain a clean reputation, but they can also help you reach your revenue goals.

A good online presence can encourage positive reviews, further establishing the company’s legitimacy. It is also helpful to mention online reviews to your customers during interactions, such as during transactions. If you encounter a negative review, apologize for the inconvenience. Always follow up on your apology, as well. A customer’s feedback is precious and will help your business succeed. But remember, positive reviews do not only boost your business’s credibility. They are also invaluable marketing tools.

Consumer complaints are another way to determine the legitimacy of a company. You can check these complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB does not release companies’ names but maintains a database of complaints filed against them. Although the BBB does not comment on the legitimacy of a company, it helps learn about misconduct and decide how to respond. Moreover, you can search for a company’s online reviews to read what other people say about it.

It’s important to note that online reviews are now mainstream, and few people make a purchase without reading a review. However, more companies should have recognized the value of online reputations. Using data to analyze and compare companies’ reviews, the Hosting Tribunal has compiled a database of online reviews and statistics. According to the survey, 72% of potential customers do not commit to a purchase without reading online reviews.

In addition to the authenticity of online reviews, fake reviews are also a threat to legitimate businesses. They often bolster their reputations by slandering competitors. While these businesses are rarely prosecuted, they can use fake testimonials to gain a competitive edge. However, with more awareness from consumers, companies should look out for these fake reviews and take steps to mitigate the damage they cause. If you suspect a review is fake, do not click on it.


They increase business leads and conversions.

Almost nine in ten consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. According to research from the Spiegel Research Center, consumer reviews have a more significant impact on purchase decisions than personal recommendations. Furthermore, 72% of customers trust reviews more than personal recommendations. Consequently, positive online reviews increase a business’s credibility and customer satisfaction. Reviews can drive traffic, improve SEO, and cross-sell additional products to existing customers. Studies show that a product with 50 or more reviews has a 4.6% higher conversion rate than a product without any reviews.

Online reviews play a massive role in marketing and can help your company increase leads and convert customers. For example, 92% of B2B buyers read reviews on a company’s website before making a purchase. Moreover, those viewers are likelier to recommend the business to their friends and share it on social media. This is why creating a robust online presence and providing positive customer reviews is vital.


They establish a company’s brand.

It’s no secret that two-thirds of shoppers find online reviews essential. They’re more likely to look at reviews on review sites than turn to friends or newspapers. As such, brands with a high volume of online reviews are more likely to show up when shoppers decide which product or service to purchase. While case studies can be misleading, an ever-growing body of benchmark data shows that online reviews boost revenue.

Not only do online reviews boost a brand’s credibility, but they also increase customer loyalty. Positive reviews increase customer trust, which leads to higher sales. While it’s impossible to force customers to leave reviews, businesses can take steps to encourage them. The following tips will help you increase your chances of a positive review. Take action now! Consider these tips when addressing customer feedback and complaints. Remember that the best reviews often come from satisfied customers when responding to negative reviews.