Innovative solutions for tree planting companies that operate in urban environments

Tree planting companies face more and more challenges in urban environments. As cities continue to expand and pour concrete everywhere, it becomes more difficult to plant trees and ensure there is enough greenery. Especially because trees can uproot pavement and sidewalks, which is of course undesirable. Thankfully there is a way for greenery and concrete to coexist peacefully. Innovative companies like Treebuilders offer high-end solutions for tree planting companies that operate in urban environments. They offer a way to plant trees that allows their roots to grow without uprooting the pavement surrounding it. This way, the tree will flourish and the pavement will remain unscathed. An ideal solution for tree planting companies!

Excellent stormwater management in urban environments

Another problem in urban environments is stormwater management. Because there is so much concrete, water has little to no space to go. Treebuilders also has a solution to this: a bioretention system. This is an underground system that can store a large capacity of water and drain the overflow of stormwater. It drains the excess water and stores it in modular units. This way, excess water is stored when there is a rain storm and it can be accessed by trees in need of water during dry periods. The bioretention system therefore solves two problems at once.

Choose from a broad range of solutions

Treebuilders offers a variety of urban solutions for urban planners and tree planting companies. They have solutions for urban tree planting, stormwater management and underground bioretention. The bioretention system is just one example of this. They also offer a TreeParker system and sandwichconstruction. These solutions are incredibly user-friendly and easily applied in urban environments. It is no wonder that many urban planners have made use of their services to solve stormwater and tree planting problems. Do you want to know more about the innovative solutions that Treebuilders has to offer? Feel free to contact them for more information.