How to make your lawn fall proof

Taking care of your garden can be quite a task. Especially if you don’t know all that much about gardening. If you live in the United Kingdom you will know that it can be very rainy sometimes. You could easily drown all of your flowers and bushes. That would be a shame of course. There are a lot of tips on how to take care of your yard. Most people have some basic knowledge about plants and flowers. Especially now fall is really coming along. It will start to get cold and wet and you don’t want your garden to suffer from that. Here are some tips on how to make your garden fall – proof. 

Grass and plants on the roof is a very fun way to keep the water in one place. You do have to make sure your roof will be able to hold the weight of the plants along with the water. Also make sure your roofing is waterproof. You don’t want any leakage to get in to your home. Some green on your roof looks really nice, it’s not too much work to keep it all looking neat.  

Catch the water in a rain barrel. It will travel from the gutter into the rain pipe and then it will be stored in the rain barrel. It’s an easy way of storing water. You could save it for the summer. This will give you the opportunity to water your plants without wasting any water. It’s a very durable way of living. 

You could install a water pump underground. This will make sure the water will be drained when it gets too wet in your garden. You can also use it for lawn irrigation. This means it will keep your plants and bushes nice and wet in the warmer months of the year.